Nature Conservation

Bats of Miag-ao

Bats have been coexisting with the people of Miag-ao for more than 70 years, according to the residents living within the area. In the year 2014 (Matias), the bat population was counted to about 5,000 individuals and more than 7,000 (Matias, 2016) individuals before they transferred from the Bubog tree (Sterculia foetida) that they used to roost last 2018. They abandoned the tree after it “died”, but the tree now seems to recover three years later.

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Conservation of Creeks and Estuaries

Creeks and rivers are often used as dumping grounds for wastewater and solid wastes. The esteros (canals) of Metro-Manila) has been an excellent example of such massive environmental damage in the recent past. Mitigation efforts by local and national agencies had restored the esteros into their former pristine condition, with fish returning. Similar efforts in provincial cities are being duplicated, such as the recent successful rehabilitation of the Iloilo River. Such efforts should be nationwide. Small streams and seasonal creeks are often forgotten or ignored as targets for conservation.

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Forest Conservation

SGF worked in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the protection and conservation of wildlife within the islands of Panay. Click here to learn about the SGF conference with the DENR personnel. There will be a conduct of initial mapping and survey to be scheduled in the future.

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Asian Waterfowl Census 2022

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