Your financial assistance enables Sulu Garden Foundation to maintain and expand our advocacies. You may choose where your money goes by selecting the program that you feel more personally connected to. Your money can go to any one of our main programs.

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The 500th anniversary of the Battle of Mactan between the native forces of Rajah Lapulapu and Ferdinand Magellan’s “Armada de Maluco” is an important event for the People of the Philippines and the world. The expedition to circumnavigate the earth led to the European discovery of the islands that later became known as Las Islas Filipinas and where the Spanish colonization happened. This battle was the first among many of the subsequent native resistance over the next three centuries against the colonial abuse of power. Creating this diorama will become a powerful tool to educate and to appreciate the heritage of these struggles. But, it is an expensive, non-government civic undertaking made possible through private donations. We will be very grateful for making this project possible.

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Your financial assistance enables Sulu Garden Foundation to maintain and expand our advocacies. We wish to improve our community outreach projects to the many communities underserved and lacking access to basic services, particularly the highland communities. Identification of heritage sites enables the next generation to see the rich, unique and wonderful culture of the past. Research on practical sciences that can help improve the lives of people in the agricultural sector and the livelihood of upland families is an expensive undertaking and not possible without your help.

You may choose where your donation goes, by selecting the program that you feel is more personally important to you.

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