Arts and Exhibition

Before, during and after the launching of the diorama of the Battle of Mactan, Sulu Garden Foundation is organizing a series of art exhibitions, poetry and musical events that highlight this major event. An international exhibition is planned in cooperation with Kuntsverein Miag-ao (Art Club Miag-ao) featuring paintings, art installations, poetry and native music in celebration of this once in a lifetime event.

Curator, Arts & Exhibitions

Timo, from Hamburg (Germany), creates abstract paintings that captivates the imagination with vibrant colors and often with a humorous view of modern life. His oil paintings have been exhibited around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Manila, and Thailand. His adventurous spirit even took him to Africa in the city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso for a unique exhibition to connect European with African artists. Miag-ao (Iloilo Province, Philippines) is Timo’s second home since 1999. As a venue for art and inspiration, Sulu Garden‘s landscapes and amenities provided the ambience, peace and solitude to stimulate his vision.

Timo is also co- Founder of the Kunstverein Miag-ao, the 8, Salon Hamburg and the Seamen`s Art Club. He also curated several shows in Manila since 2005.
Timo’s oil painting made during his artist residency in Sulu Garden was on exhibition at the 2015 show at the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery in Makati (Metro-Manila, Philippines) entitled “Tropes of Expectation.” The exhibition ran from March 4-21, 2015. The recent exhibition in Kunsteverein Miag-ao in 2020 during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic called “Quarantine Copy” was a major success and included an international ensemble of artists, including Matt Dillon and John Newsom.

Coordinator for Poetry

He wanted to be a doctor when he was young and remained to be just a dream.

He was drafted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and was assigned to an Artillery Regiment in 1975. After the military, he studied accountancy, customs administration, and Law and education. He is a professional mathematics teacher, a writer, poet and composer. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Educational Management and Mathematics.

He also worked on cruise ships. While exploring the seven seas, he wrote poems to entertain guests and was declared resident poet of the “World Discoverer,” a US exploration ship. He was recognized as an “Emerging Poet of Miag-ao” by UPV Literati, a Poetry Society in the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. He also collaborated with International artist Timo Roter of Hamburg, Germany in three different shows: “Vigil” – Manila in 2015 along with New York-based artist, Manuel Ocampo and two other shows at the Princess Olayra Gallery at Sulu Garden entitled “Legends and Possibilities.” Additional performances were in 2018 with another German artist Christian Rothmaler and the “Pangaean Project” in 2019 with Australian-based poet, Eunice Andrada. His poem “Ulan” was featured at the Philippine Independence Day celebration in Hamburg, Germany in 2010. Today, he had written over 300 poems and is still actively writing as a resident poet of Sulu Garden.

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